SOLOLIA PUBLISHING, Private Limited Company (PLC) is established by Ato Gebregeorgis Yohannes, Founder of Ethiopian Books for Children and Educational Foundation, aka Ethiopia Reads.

The primary mission of SOLOLIA PUBLISHING, PLC is the publication or translation of high quality children's books for children in Ethiopia, Ethiopian children of the Diaspora, libraries, and family and friends who relish children's literature in one or more of the Ethiopian languages. Each title will be written in one of the local Ethiopian languages or bilingual/trilingual English and a local language(s) and will provide children an opportunity to read age-appropriate material that encourages them to develop a love of reading and to form a reading habit.

SOLOLIA PUBLISHING, PLC will also expand to include the publication of educational textbooks for primary and secondary schools, the publication of adult fiction and non-fiction titles, as well as directories, yearbooks, and special interest magazines.

SOLOLIA PUBLISHING, PLC will embark upon the sale and distribution of children's and other books to the Ethiopian book market as well as direct sales through the internet. We are developing an online store that will primarily sell books but will also include other items of interest to the global market.

SOLOLIA PUBLISHING, PLC is registered with the Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and Industry.

SOLOLIA PUBLISHING, PLC is named after the Vulturine Guinea Fowl, the largest and most spectacular of the guinea fowl family and whose domain transverses southern Ethiopia through Kenya to the northern areas of Tanzania. Sololia is the Oromo name for this magnificent bird, symbolizing both printed matter and "the beauty of nature in black and white."